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The Hand on the Wall This BLEEPING CLIFFHANGER 2020 are you BLEEPING KIDDING ME It s so good it hurts Literally stayed up to finish it and this is what I get Instead of sleeping peacefully I m going to go full on Stevie mode and try and solve it before the book comes out Wish me luck that I somehow don t die in the third book too You know what I despise is that there is still so much that hasn t been answered and I have to wait a YEAR Okay yeah I know the process is long and tedious to write such a good book and publish it but let me complain too since I m desperate for the 3rd book Hopefully I will survive year 3 of waiting for the book Btw don t recommend reading books that are new because they WILL break your heart and leave you stranded and you ll have to patiently pick up the mess and distract yourself till the new book comes out Still worth it. WE HAVE A COVER I had a feeling it would follow the Red, Blue and Green of YA rule You know what this means We won t know what happens until 2020 Ellingham Academy Must Be Cursed Three People Are Now Dead One, A Victim Of Either A Prank Gone Wrong Or A Murder Another, Dead By Misadventure And Now, An Accident In Burlington Has Claimed Another Life All Three In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time All At The Exact Moment Of Stevie S Greatest TriumphShe Knows Who Truly Devious Is She S Solved It The Greatest Case Of The CenturyAt Least, She Thinks She Has With This Latest Tragedy, It S Hard To Concentrate On The Past Not Only Has Someone Died In Town, But David Disappeared Of His Own Free Will And Is Up To Something Stevie Is Sure That Somehow Somehow All These Things Connect The Three Deaths In The Present The Deaths In The Past The Missing Alice Ellingham And The Missing David Eastman Somewhere In This Place Of Riddles And Puzzles There Must Be AnswersThen Another Accident Occurs As A Massive Storm Heads Toward Vermont This Is Too Much For The Parents And Administrators Ellingham Academy Is Evacuated Obviously, It S Time For Stevie To Do Something Stupid It S Time To Stay On The Mountain And Face The Storm And A MurdererIn The Tantalizing Finale To The Truly Devious Trilogy, New York Times Bestselling Author Maureen Johnson Expertly Tangles Her Dual Narrative Threads And Ignites An Explosive End For All Who Ve Walked Through Ellingham Academy New York Times Bestselling Author Maureen Johnson Delivers The Witty And Pulse Pounding Conclusion To The Truly Devious Series As Stevie Bell Solves The Mystery That Has Haunted Ellingham Academy For Over Years 2020 i could be dead by then stevie will have to solve MY murder note to self never start a mystery series ever again until the series is complete ever again meanwhile has 154512 mystery books that are 1st in a new series also they know we suffer already so they put higher prices on books that are last in a series. okay, new rule.no adding untitled books from series i haven t even read.like, what is wrong with me I m not sure if I ll be able to function until I have this book in my hands because holy shit that cliffhanger I want to love this series so bad, but the first two were 3 star reads at best for me.Please please please be good. I was warned The Vanishing Stair ended on a cliffhanger Did it stop me from finishing it in a few days NO AND I REGRET NOTHING AND REGRET EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME FFFFFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK Update 1 2 19 Preorder has been placed, now the countdown to arrival begins

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